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How To Relieve Lower Back Pain:

Photo by Sam Burriss on Unsplash

You are anxious.

Your lower back hurts and you are unsure how to relieve your lower back pain.

You are on edge and confused about what to do next.

You are usually healthy and well, so you are not sure what is causing this searing pain.

You dither between thinking about going to the Doctors to get it checked out or whether to trust it will sort itself out with two days rest and ibuprofen!

However, you are still anxious.

A phrase about one simple pleasure in life

Photo by Martin May on Unsplash

As a child growing up in dusty South East London, every Saturday morning I woke up to the smell of homemade bread.

Mum would wake up extra early to make our weekly batch of six loaves.

I don’t know how she did it, but by the time my brother and I bounded downstairs, mum had the bread coming out of the oven and the week’s washing ready to hang outside.

Last weekend, 50+ years later, I attempted to recapture this memory and bake bread.

And that’s a poem for another day!

And, if you’re looking for more inspiration, check out…

Day 1: 30 Day Poetry Challenge: Prompt: Delving into the watery realms of emotion

Photo by De'Andre Bush on Unsplash

Greed, lust, jealousy,

Are buried within my heart.

Yoga brings the bliss.

Finding the Bliss was inspired by seeing the title “Shackled by Self-Imposed Limits” by Melanie J. reading her Haiku and realising it was part of a 30-day Poetry Challenge by Diana C.

I scanned the prompts and thought, yes, this looks fun, let’s see how I get on.

I love the challenge of Haiku’s, so am going to explore and learn more about this and other magical forms of poetry -as I go through…

A phrase about one simple pleasure in life.

Photo by Pedro Cunha on Unsplash

My joy on reading sooooo many stellar One-Lined Poems for Happiness by acclaimed poets on Medium.

I invite you to read the One-Lined Poems below and see what I mean.

For example, Melanie J. shares her happiness for serenity …

and Shaista Malik her joy in rain…

plus Sahil Patel’s simple pleasure of the outdoors…

And, Jay Krasnow who inspired me to write my One-Lined Poems on Happiness and simple pleasures…

If you would like to take part in the one-lined poems about happiness, please tag Ntathu Allen and Jay Krasnow — Thank you.

And remember, you can publish and…

Poetry prompt day: — 20

When it all feels too much…

Photo by Jason Tran on Unsplash

take a yogi breath
dance with the rhythm of love
give thanks for your life.


Special shout out and thanks to Sahil Patel for organising this fun ride of poetry prompts to celebrate International Poetry Month.

Check out their Pause poetry prompt —

And here’s a sprinkling of poems featuring the Pause Prompt, first @Shaista Malik

and Melanie J.

and Dr. Fatima Imam

And thanks to all the Medium poets, seen and unseen, who keep our spirits lifted and inspire me to write. Thank you.

For more rousing reads, visit The Illumination Publication, founded by Dr Mehmet Yildiz and…

Poetry | Poetry Challenge |Life Lessons

Poetry Prompt Day:-7

Photo by Felicia Buitenwerf on Unsplash

Good question… who am I?

Here’s who I am.

Clean, free, liberated, magnificent, beautiful, prosperous, abundant, clear, insightful, compassionate, glorious, triumphant, realistic, earthly, practical, up liftable, playful, youthful, purposeful, holy, sacred, blessed.

Courageous, loveable, expressive, adaptable, gracious, graceful, steady, calm, cheerful, kind, tactile.

Delicate, vulnerable, generous, strong, empathetic, visionary, faithful, assertive, fragrant, aware.

Inspirational, spiritual, juicy, natural, focus, focused, open-hearted, conscious, bold, gentle, trustworthy, constant, energetic, supple, disciplined, grounded, centered, motivated.

A child of the universe, liberated from the traumas of the past. Grounded in the present. Soaring into the future.

Living the life prepared for me.

That’s who I…

Ntathu Allen

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